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The election of all emergencies

PUBLISHED : 08-04-2021 | 0:00 | El Moudjahid

The time of the rentiers and the enemies of democracy, as irreducible allies, will be long gone when the verdict of June 12 will announce the birth of the new Algeria of democratic legitimacy and institutions representative of the popular will. Nothing will be able to divert the march of Algeria from the change carried by the saving impulse of the original Hirak, imagined, in full rout of a corrupting and corrupted regime, by a highly patriotic youth and determined to reappropriate its destiny. In two months, the decisive test of the legislative elections will constitute a turning point feared by the fauna of predators and the heirs of the terrorism of decadence, united by the revanchist logic. The ferocious campaign of destabilization, fed by the Fake news of disinformation, supported by the Makhzen and the hateful circles nostalgic for a past forever gone, translates the visceral refusal of change, perceptible in a rather promising electoral commitment. The withdrawal, beyond all expectations, of candidacy files and the willingness to participate shown by 53 parties plead for the establishment of credible national and local assemblies. The end of tailor-made assemblies, as announced by the President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, during the periodic meeting with representatives of national media, marks the advent of the new Algeria, whose foundation is the popular will. The stakes are high. To the agents of destabilization, the firm hand of the State will fall on the authors of subversive acts and slippages at the antipodes of the democratic practice and the requirements of national development. The cause: separatist circles and illegal movements close to terrorism, as explained by the High Security Council , chaired by the President of the Republic. The law will be applied in all its rigor, to stop this drift attacking the institutions and symbols of the State. The determination is there, to immunize the electoral process in conditions of regularity and transparency fully guaranteed. The commitment of the President of the Republic, attached to fair and honest elections, dictates the urgency of a democratization that calls, in an impetus worthy of the Hirak of February 22, the citizens, the political class, youth and civil society. This collective responsibility is the foundation of the construction of the new Algeria.

El Moudjahid


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