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Making Change Happen

PUBLISHED : 09-06-2021 | 0:00 | El Moudjahid

The election campaign ended in a climate of serenity, recording no excesses, no violent discourse or verbal or physical aggression. The candidates have, as usual, multiplied meetings and proximity meetings, to win the confidence of voters and collect their votes. It should be noted that for all applicants, the election is a crucial step in the building of institutions, hence the importance of going to vote and say his word freely as a citizen enjoying all his rights. The President of the Republic has ensured that all guarantees and legal mechanisms are in place, so that the election is transparent and preserved from any risk of fraud. "We call on the people to choose their representatives, men and women, in the National People's Assembly, among those who are trustworthy, competent and fully aware of public affairs, and to carry high the voice of democracy and citizenship for change," he said. The massive participation of candidates, young and university graduates in their overwhelming majority, is a sure sign of a firm commitment to revitalize a parliamentary institution that had manifested a flagrant deficit in performance, unable to cope with the irruption of dirty money that has finally discredited the eyes of Algerians. Their involvement beats in breach many allegations and other pseudo-political peddling orchestrated by disparate groups, which tried in vain to slow down a renewed political process, initiated since the election of candidate Tebboune to the presidency of the Republic. The opportunity to change the course of things is widely perceived by the citizen, who has become a key element in the political arena, and the expression of his will is scrupulously respected and protected. The electoral law makes it possible to affirm, without the shadow of a doubt, that the transparency of elections and their regularity are an undeniable achievement. The control over the results of the elections, their fiddling by liberticidal hands are a thing of the past that has been definitively forgotten. The participation of young people and women is a victory against pessimism, even a fatalism that was not good advice. It is a fact on which it is necessary to insist. Never in the annals of politics has there been such a profusion of young candidates, mobilized to reclaim spaces that were often denied to them through low-level maneuvers. We must salute the will of the Head of State to have eliminated all the obstacles that stood in the way of all honest militants, of all the potentialities willing to contribute to the renewal. The ball is now in the court of the citizens, called to build, by their great participation, credible institutions.

 El Moudjahid


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