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The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, reaffirmed Sunday in Algiers that "there are no restrictions" in the planned constitutional revision except for those relating to national unity and identity.

Listening recently to a presentation by the chairman of the Committee of Experts charged with formulating proposals for a constitutional revision, Ahmed Laraba, on what has been achieved so far in this area, "I stressed that there is no restriction (in this area) except for national unity and national identity," President Tebboune said in his speech at the opening of the Government-Walis meeting.

The President of the Republic, in this regard, recalled that as soon as it is finalized, the first draft of the constitutional revision will be distributed to all "so that the Constitution is consensual", considering that "everyone is entitled to express an opinion, negative or positive" on this document.

The next Constitution "will enshrine the separation of powers to define the missions of each. This will allow us to break with the old practices and the slippages of autocracy.

The planned constitutional revision is part of the "new policy we want to adopt to bring about change," he said, adding "we must build together a real and solid democracy, not a one-off and not tailor-made one. We are, gradually, moving in this direction», which will begin with the revision of the Constitution, being "the very basis of governance in all systems".

President Tebboune spoke of the possible creation of an independent Constitutional Court that will rule on disputes between the powers," he said, in addition to the current Constitutional Council.

 In the second stage, the organic law on the electoral system will be revised as part of a move to "keep dirty money and corrupt people out of politics" and allow "the emergence of a new political class of young people".

In this regard, the President stressed that the Electoral Code "will be completely revised and will see the introduction of control measures that will allow access to posts through the ballot box", with the aim of "eradicating the phenomena of evasion of responsibilities and the purchase of consciences".

The Electoral Code will be revised, continues Mr. Tebboune, "in order to achieve irreproachable elected institutions, with constitutional prerogatives, able to hold anyone accountable, and to address issues of interest to public opinion".


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