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Ambassador Sofiane Mimouni, Permanent Representative of Algeria to the United Nations, called in New York for redressing the historical injustice that Africa continues to suffer, by allocating two permanent seats to the continent as part of Security Council reform.

Speaking at the first meeting on the intergovernmental negotiations on the issue of equitable representation on the Security Council, the Ambassador reaffirmed Algeria's support for the common African position on that reform.

In this regard, the representative of Algeria stressed that the two permanent seats should have "all the privileges and rights inherent in this category, including the right of veto", calling at the same time for two other non-permanent seats for the continent.

Mr. Mimouni welcomed, in this regard, the broad support that the common African position now enjoys from a significant number of Member States and interest groups, adding that this is "an acknowledgement that reinforces the validity and appropriateness of Africa's request".

The Ambassador expressed the hope that the celebration this year of the 75th anniversary of the creation of the United Nations would "provide an opportunity to give new impetus to the process of Security Council reform".

In this context, he noted the need to build on "the progress made so far towards a more representative, democratic, effective, transparent and accessible Security Council".

Mr. Mimouni reiterated the relevance of the intergovernmental round as a unique and legitimate forum to continue the debate on Security Council reform with a view to achieving a comprehensive reform of the Security Council that encompasses the five main aspects of such reform, namely, categories of membership, the question of the veto, regional representation, the size of the enlarged Security Council and its working methods, and the relationship between the Council and the General Assembly.

The Council considered that, despite the difficulties that continue to mark this process, it is essential to continue to engage collectively in order to achieve a reform of the Security Council that can garner the broadest possible consensus.

"In the face of the realities of a rapidly changing world, it is crucial to keep the international system on the path of dynamic and effective democratic multilateralism," he said, marking Algeria's readiness, as a member of the Committee of Ten (C-10), to engage constructively in the process of intergovernmental negotiations.

To succeed, this process must "remain inclusive and transparent," he advocated.

During this first meeting, co-chaired by the United Arab Emirates and Poland, the Ambassador stressed the need for "a comprehensive reform of the United Nations system that respects the principles, objectives and ideals of the United Nations Charter for a more just world based on universalism, equity and regional balance".

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