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The Minister of Industry and Mines, Ferhat Ait Ali Braham said Thursday in Algiers that the Government is currently working on the revision of the legislative framework relating to the management of industrial land in order to solve the problem of non-implementation of projects. 

Speaking at a plenary session of the parliament, devoted to oral questions, Mr. Ferhat Ait Ali Braham said that the Government was currently reviewing the legislative framework relating to the management of industrial land in order to solve the problem of non-implementation of projects. Ait Ali Braham explained that "the Government is studying a new formula to make the granting of concessions and the distribution of industrial land more efficient and rational", recalling that "the law in force takes into consideration this aspect, including the payment of financial fines by investors who have benefited from the acts of concession without carrying out the projects outlined, in addition to other measures carried out by the Directorate of Industry and Mines (DIM), in collaboration with the provinces  services, consisting in sending the reports to defaulters".  

Considering that the imposition of fines on persons who have benefited from industrial land without carrying out their projects "is a measure devoid of economic viability", the Minister stated that "the national interest does not lie in the recovery of fines imposed, even at 100%, on an investor receiving land for a period of four to five years and who has not carried out his project, but, rather, in granting the land to a genuinely productive investment project in the future'.

In addition, Mr. Ait Ali Braham insisted on rationalization and objectivity in land management of all types of land, including industrial land, especially in the future, in order to avoid recurrent problems of unrealized projects. 

"It is not a question of collecting fines but of launching investment projects," the minister added, stressing that his department was in the process of drafting legislation to this effect.

Replying to a question about industrial land in Medea, Mr. Aït Ali Braham explained that in Medea as in other provinces, the granting of concession contracts is not based on the feasibility study of the proposed project.

In this regard, the minister said "in principle the granting of concession contracts for land exploitation is based on a feasibility study of the project, but in the past the project study lacked rigour and we were only satisfied with the submission of reports. It turned out afterwards that the majority of the projects were fictitious".

Concerning the beneficiaries of concession contracts who did not carry out their projects, the minister recalled that successive governments would resort to the recuperation of unused land", "which is not enough", he argued.

"Despite the recovery of land and the fines imposed on offenders, the non-implementation of investment projects causes great losses to the state," the minister said.

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