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Making Change Happen

09-06-2021 : 0:00

The election campaign ended in a climate of serenity, recording no excesses, no violent discourse or verbal or physical aggression. The candidates have, as usual, multiplied meetings and proximity...

Last mile

07-06-2021 : 0:00

Candidates running for the June 12 early legislative elections are tirelessly scouring the country in the hope of winning the votes of citizens, who are the only ones able to mandate them to fill t...

voting is the only judge

02-06-2021 : 0:00

The early legislative elections of June 12 represent another important step in the process of completing the country's institutional edifice. The President of the Republic has guaranteed the in...

A strong gesture

29-05-2021 : 0:00

President Abdelmadjid Tebboune congratulated the Algerian Muslim Scouts, on the occasion of the celebration of their national day. He urged them to follow the path of their predecessors, to remain...

The youth asset

26-05-2021 : 0:00

The most important fact to remember is that the legislative elections were distinguished by the massive involvement of young candidates for the deputation. They are present in force on the lists of...

Infernal spiral

17-05-2021 : 0:00

The Israeli strikes on the Ghaza Strip, the repression that is falling on other Palestinian cities, where the army and the police are cracking down, are causing a toll of civilian victims that is o...

Peace and unity

12-05-2021 : 0:00

After a month of fasting and abstinence, the Algerian people celebrate the Eid-el-Fitr in an unprecedented situation, strongly impacted by the adverse effects of a global health crisis without prec...

Justice at the service of citizens

05-05-2021 : 0:00

An independent, free and citizen justice is the foundation of the new Algeria, a guarantor of the equality of all before the law. The era of impunity of the predatory caste, denounced in its time b...

The celebration of change

01-05-2021 : 0:00

The Labor Day and workers' day is, this year, marked by the seal of the challenges of the new Algeria, engaged in the battle of the growth and the integration in the new highly competitive world. I...

Proof of new variants

29-04-2021 : 0:00

The alarm bell is ringing again. Faced with the resurgence of the pandemic, noted in recent days, the fight for solidarity is resuming, to prevent a new wave, as it is already felt with more intens...

Electoral duty

18-04-2021 : 0:00

On the evening of Thursday, April 22, the electoral process enters a new stage in the quest for a new Algeria, strong of its legitimate institutions and representative of a young and competent elit...

The duty of management

13-04-2021 : 0:00

The National Observatory of the civil society will soon see the day. Adopted in the Council of Ministers, the project will soon be the subject of a presidential decree, according to the adviser of...

Stability and development

11-04-2021 : 0:00

The stability has no price for the new Algeria of the democratic refoundation and the solidarity to any test, concretely expressed to the peoples of the region paying a heavy tribute to the monstro...

The election of all emergencies

08-04-2021 : 0:00

The time of the rentiers and the enemies of democracy, as irreducible allies, will be long gone when the verdict of June 12 will announce the birth of the new Algeria of democratic legitimacy and i...

A strategic asset

07-04-2021 : 0:00

The entrenchment of the culture of the State and democracy, in its broadest sense, requires a modern and highly efficient communication channel. The relationship between Algerians and their elected...

Peace, stability and cooperation

04-04-2021 : 0:00

    On all fronts, Algeria is working to lay the foundations for an era of cooperation, peace and stability beneficial to all peoples of the region. From Libya to Mauritania, through Nige...

Place for ethics

03-04-2021 : 0:00

The Independent National Authority for Elections, which has been constitutionalized, with the strengthening of its missions, its composition and its functioning, has made public the conditions for...

A crucial transition

31-03-2021 : 0:00

Training in knowledge-intensive activities does not happen by chance. It is essentially dictated by the requirements of innovation, in order to overcome the obsolescence of knowledge and technologi...

Democratic alternative

30-03-2021 : 0:00

With the June 12 election just around the corner, the electoral process is moving at an accelerated pace to ensure a smooth and transparent election process under the best possible conditions. Pend...

A prospective vision

29-03-2021 : 0:00

Briefly defined, a major risk is the threat to man and his direct environment, to his installations, a threat whose gravity is such that society, whatever it may be, may find itself disarmed by the...

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